Heddo is a service where you can hire interview-ready IT talents. It looks like a dating site, only you're looking for employees. Your personal space is a dashboard. You can create as many jobs as you can fit into your rate. Your resume feed will be updated regularly. And you'll have to choose: who you'll go to the interview with and who you'll still think about.
Often Heddo talents are pro who want to work remotely or with relocation. Heddo team works completely remotely. And we respect a person's choice of where to live, work, and how to get paid. We understand that everyone's situation is different. But it's a big world and there's a place for working together. So the most important values are hard&soft skills, knowledge and experience. That's enough to hire.
In Heddo we respect personal boundaries. All communication between you and the employee remains anonymous until the interview. That's how we take care of in-demand pro, and we give you a selection of real interview-ready talents.
What is Heddy
Heddy – the unique algorithm of the Heddo world. It's the one that picks the perfect candidates based on skills, location, and salary and compiles your resume feed. It's friendly and loves to help.
Every day we update the list of candidates on the top talents board. You definitely need to subscribe to it once and receive updated lists, every day.
Follow us around on LinkedIn, Twitter. Oh, you can read us on Medium. I know, human needs human. So, our team chat. Do you like something classic? Write letters to email.
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