Interview verified candidates and reduce the time to close a vacancy by 2 times
Heddo is the easiest way to hire tech talent
The best talent from Eastern Europe and Asia
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vetted candidates
to hire a tech talent
save time to hire
How it works
Online service Heddo helps you select a candidate based on the technology stack, salary and form of employment
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We offer 9 directions: from developer to IT recruiter and UX/UI designer. Set of 100+ skills to find the best of the best.
Post a vacancy on Heddo
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After you post a job on Heddo, our algorithm will update the candidates daily, so all you have to do is choose who you want to interview and who you'll think about.
Get the first candidates right after publication
After hiring, fill out the form and earn Heddo coins for further deals.
Work with the best of the best
100+ EU and US tech companies are hiring here!
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