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Stas Che
CEO Anonimus, Cyprus
In comparison with other platforms, I quickly found the developer here. I searched for a long time on ordinary job boards, whereas working with I immediately received dozens of relevant resumes, in 2 weeks we filled Frontend Middle+ which successfully passed the trial period. Interesting functionality with gamification, convenient search, no heaps of irrelevant resumes and a vast list of unsuitable candidates, everything is simple and convenient, I am going to continue working with this tool. Thank you!

СТО Oneclick Life, Serbia
The service provides a new interesting way to recruit candidates. For the entire time of using the service, 4 developers have been found who are successfully working in the company.

Thanks to the Tinder model, candidates actively like vacancies. This allows you to instantly select and contact suitable developers. The service does not introduce unnecessary restrictions. Allows you to immediately download a resume and contact the candidate.

I look forward to the development of the service and the addition of new features

We posted one of the most popular vacancies "Java developer". During testing we have managed to get acquainted with a large number of developers, which previously we have not found in public sources and our base. I liked the interface of the platform, the format of the dating site, the speed and the interest of the candidates in the vacancy.
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