The best LinkedIn Chrome extensions for the recruiter

As the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn connects industry professionals and helps those actively seeking employment discover job opportunities. It is a powerful channel for establishing thought leadership, so open Chrome, set up the extensions, and let’s go!

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👀 Linkedin Search Tool
This extension allows you to search for people on LN without leaving the site. If you see a name in the list of conference speakers and you are interested in talent just simply highlight it — Search Tool will search the database and give you a direct link to the account.

👀 Hunter for Chrome
Discover dozens of emails: open a LinkedIn account, run the app, and get the candidate’s email.

👀 Zap
Allows you to add all 400+ suggested extensions with a single click. No monotonous job!

👀 Agorapulse
The extension allows you not to waste time on copying links — with one click you can post interesting stuff on LinkedIn and Facebook at once: in fact, it’s an smm planner, only for recruiter’s socials.

👀 LinkediLimits
If you search too much IT talent, LinkedIn may suspect you’re a recruiter — and require you to pay extra to remove the Commercial Usage Limit. The extension removes the Commercial Use Limit and allows you to continue searching as if nothing had happened. It’s free, without buying a premium account.

👀 Data Scraper / Data Miner
Pull the information in the most common formats (.xls .csv .xlsx .tsv), and download up to 500 pages per month for free.