Ways to Enhance Your Web3 Recruitment

Dig into the data

The main thing for a recruiter about web3 is understanding what exactly web3 is and what does evolution of the internet means for HR?

Web3 — the third generation of the internet, is the new version of the web that works on the blockchain. Coordination in Web3 goes through network tokens that allow users to own parts of Web3 communities, so Web3 is sometimes called the token economy, the creator economy, or the property economy.

In the current World Wide Web, huge companies running Apps and control user data on their own centralized servers, it is possible that this databases can be breached. Rather than storing data in centralized databases, in the web 3.0, all user data is stored in secure and decentralized data storage protocols.

Honestly, it will change HR, but how? We will see.

Heddo x Web3

Why Web3? It is largely built on new layers of technological innovation, and we love it.

Our first step is Heddo Coin.
Aleksey Kuznetsov, CTO at Heddo

“In my opinion, the best technical goal of web3 is anonymity and decentralization, which is the opposite of the current web 2.0 philosophy.
Now we live in a time of centralized applications and services that track users’ actions, put metrics around them, offer advertising, targeting retargeting, etc.
In blockchain, you and your address are completely impersonal. One of the biggest problems today — is the leakage of personal data, which occurs most often from centralized services. With web3 every user will be responsible for his own data.
In the HR field we could implement a mechanism similar to DeFI on smart contracts, and our users (job seekers) could upload their resumes and CVs as NFT, and they themselves would give access to whoever they want. Nothing would be stored on the Heddo servers and drives anymore, and we wouldn’t even know the user’s contacts, only his on-chain BSC address, for example. That would be anonymity and decentralization, and our Heddo coins are the first step to that».

We are happy to share our knowledge with our partners and customers, and we believe that with the new technologies it is possible to update HR practices and processes with web3.

Our advice: Implement more technology!

Already today, HR processes can be integrated into the metaverse, including continuous employee training and smart candidate search.

Blockchain technology can help ensure employee privacy.

Companies or clients don’t necessarily need all of their employees’ data. This includes location, gender, and age.

Heddo already offers this — we’ve come up with an anonymous employee search, your data is fully stored and will only show the employer with your permission if you’ve gone the way of the dream team!

Heddo, like many worldwide companies, has implemented HR tech solutions into the work. We believe that the digital HR paradigm helps recruiters to optimize human resources more efficiently through new fresh technologies, analytics, and updated learning platforms.
With the help of Heddo your HR team can find IT talent wisely: AI technology selects the best offer according to the main factors: salary, location, and technology stack.

​So, get ready to give the best offers and upload on Heddo!